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About FC Investment


FC Investment was founded in 2009 at University of Waterloo by a group of acturies. Our business includes:

  • Finding a venture capital
  • Accelerating your use of marketing automation technology
  • Hedging your investment risk with regulated financial institutions
  • Managing your credit risk and implementing policies
  • Managing your cyber security risk
  • Addressing unforseen challenges

Our Services

Venture Capital

Do you have a great business or business idea? If so, you should be talking with venture capitalists or VCs. As you probably know, VCs are the folks with the big checkbooks. Who have funded numerous successful companies like Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Twitter, Federal Express, and more. FC Investment specializes in helping our clients reach the right venture capitalists with over 10 years of expertise.

Marketing Automation

Marketing and sales departments use marketing automation to automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities to both increase revenue and maximize efficiency. With the help of big data platform, FC investment mainly focuses on personalized market launch.

Investment Risk Management

The investment risk management occurs when an investor or fund manager analyzes and attempts to quantify the potential for losses in an investment, such as a moral hazard, and then takes the appropriate action (or inaction) given the fund's investment objectives and risk tolerance. FC Investment is committed to using machine learning technology to control investment risk with all regulated financial institutions.

Credit Risk Management

The credit risk management is the practice of mitigating losses by understanding the adequacy of a bank's capital and loan loss reserves at any given time. FC Investment is the first company in the world to use Digital-Twin technology to monitor customers' credits.

Cyber Risk Management

The cyber risk management is the process of identifying, analysing, evaluating and addressing your organisation’s cyber security threats. FC investments help our clients deploy cutting-edge technologies invented by the National Cybersecurity Consortium.

24/7 Support

FC Investments helps our clients meet unforeseen challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

We always sign a gambling agreement with our customers, and customers only need to pay a part of the profit difference between this year and previous years.

It’s important to know that investors are always paying their advisor for service (and we’ll show you just how much), so the real question is “Are you getting the advice and service you’re paying for?”

We review RSP, TFSA, non-registered, RESP, RDSP, and corporate investment accounts.

To provide you with concrete and actionable guideance, we need detailed and current information regarding your goals, priorities, and investment portfolio, including information about the past performance of your investment accounts and associated fees. If you are currently working with an investment advisor or discount broker, they should be able to provide most of the information we require. Don’t worry, we provide instructions on how to request this information from your investment advisor and send it to us easily and securely.


Project financial management determines how the project will be financed, including the process of acquiring and managing project financial resources. It is more concerned with revenue streams for construction projects and monitoring net cash flow than managing overhead costs.

Therefore, continuous monitoring of project finances to ensure the company's financial ability to complete the project is the most critical job for financial managers. This also includes the assessment and monitoring of financial risks and the implementation of appropriate financial risk management strategies.


Project financial management planning is the initial stage of financial management. It determines and provides all financial requirements for the project and assigns financial management roles and responsibilities.

The goals of this financial management process include identification of sources of funds and alternatives, investigation of possibilities of short-term financial fluctuations, examination of the economic environment, development of financial analysis tools, evaluation of the most suitable legal entity, evaluation of contractual requirements, examination of financial impact risk factors, tax and other financial factors planning.

Monitoring and Control

Estimating costs is the process of developing and estimating the monetary resources required to complete the work of a project.

The activities include accounting, financial audits, cash-flow analysis, financial reporting and ex-post evaluations.

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Latest Events

2022-04-10 / 08:00:00

Risk World Annual Conference & Exhibition

Risk World Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022 is held from April 10 to April 13. When a global pandemic threatened to bring organizations to a stand-still, risk management practitioners showed that planning and adaptability are greater than disruption. Now, with our field firmly in the spotlight, it’s time for us to come together and plan for the future. RISKWORLD is where you’ll find the insights, solutions and people to help you prepare for tomorrow’s greatest threats. You’ll find an unprecedented number of in-depth sessions across a wide-range of risk-related topics and shorter presentations in the Thought Leader Theater, Global Studio, Innovation Lab and Wellness ZENter. Walk the aisles of the Marketplace to meet with your current providers and discover new ones. There are 400+ companies to meet. ​​

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2022-02-02 / 09:30:00

Virtual Investor Conference

Small Cap Growth Virtual Investor Conference 2022 is held from February 2 to February 3. “We are excited to kick-off the year with our Small Cap Growth virtual investor conference and provide issuers an opportunity to engage a broader investor base,” said Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President of Corporate Services at OTC Markets Group. “We thank our keynote Scott Powell and Skyline Corporate Communications Group for sponsoring this two-day event.”

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- 2022-01-14 / 09:00:16

ANEA-ASNA Convention

The 32nd annual ANÉA-ASNA Actuarial Science Conference, scheduled at the Toronto Westin Harbor Castle on January 14-16, has been canceled. Currently, the ANÉA-ASNA team is proceeding with our alternative plan for an online convention in replacement of the in-person event, which will occur virtually at a later date.

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